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Shareholder Communication Elections

Recent changes to the Corporations Act provide for shareholders electing and requesting to receive documents (including notices of meeting and the annual financial report) electronically or in hard copy. You can make a standing election and/or request to receive some or all of your communications from the Company in physical or electronic form.

Shareholders can also elect not to receive certain documents, including the annual financial report.

We encourage you to provide your email address so we can communicate with you electronically and you are provided with information regarding the Company more efficiently and sustainably.

If you have made a prior election or request to receive documents in a certain manner then that election will continue to apply until such time as you notify the Company that you change your election or request. Any shareholder who has not made a prior election and/or request to receive documents in a certain form will be treated by the Company as having elected to receive all documents in electronic form.

If you wish to update your communication preference, please contact the Company by email to