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The Company’s Australian Projects are focused on exploration for uranium, gold, nickel, copper, and rare earth elements (REE) within the highly prospective Fowler Domain and Nuyts Domain, both within the Gawler Craton in South Australia. Currently, the Company has interests in 4 Australian Projects:

South Australian Projects

Fowler Project (EL6603 & EL6604)

Yumbarra Project (EL6417)

Coorabie Shear Zone Project (EL6692)

Tallacootra Project (EL6615)

Fowler Project

South Australia (EL6603 & EL6604)

  • Two adjoining tenements located on the eastern margin of the Fowler Domain in the far west of South Australia.
  • These major crustal scale domain bounding structures have potential to host:
    • Structurally upgraded magmatic Ni-Cr-Cu-PGE;
    • layered intrusive-hosted Ni-Cr-PGE;
    • IOCG (Hiltaba Suite) deposits;
    • Intrusion-related and Orogenic Gold.
  • Tenements are very remote and covered by sand dune fields, and as a result, the region has seen little exploration apart from regional scale mineral sand drilling focussing on the cover.
  • A number of prospective areas for nickel and gold have been assessed using aerial magnetics and electromagnetic imaging.
  • Potential for the area is supported by recent discoveries in adjacent tenements by Western Areas Limited (ASX:WSA).
  • In January 2024, Osmond announced that a review of historical exploration results for the Fowler Project had identified the potential for large-scale uranium (U3O8) mineralisation.
  • Historical uranium anomalism identifies a potential uranium roll-front system hosted in sands and clays within 10 to 30m of the surface and over a large strike length, up to 20km.
  • Historical uranium and lignite exploration from the 1970’s and 80’s identified uranium occurrences within the cover sequence in the Chundie Swamps area of EL6604 and EL6692. At the time the remoteness of the region limited exploration, then in the late 1980s – early 1990s the exploration focus shifted to heavy mineral sands.
  • The discovery and development of the world-class Jacinth-Ambrossia mineral sands deposits has meant that uranium exploration has been very limited since the 1970’s, despite a potentially large-scale system existing.
  • Within Osmond’s Fowler South (EL6604) and Coorabie (EL6692) tenements, there are 98 drillholes identified from the open file data that were part of the early lignite and uranium exploration.

Loongana Pty Ltd drill hole cross section with interpreted roll front based on down hole gamma logs.

Pechiney cross section with AMC drilling and interpreted roll front based on down hole gamma logs.

Regional geology, historic drillholes, and location of drill sections.

Approximate location of the Chundie Swamps region of Fowler Project Area, within Osmond’s EL6604 and 6692

Yumbarra Project

South Australia (EL6417)

  • Located in the western Eyre Peninsula region of South Australia within the Nuyts Domain of the Gawler Craton.
  • Contains a highly magnetic feature that is interpreted as a layered ultramafic intrusive.
  • Limited historical exploration undertaken on the Tenement, with the focus of past exploration on nickel and mineral sands.
  • There are identified electromagnetic targets yet to be drilled on this target.

Coorabie Shear Zone Project

South Australia (EL6692)

  • Located on the eastern margin of the Fowler Domain in the far west of South Australia and is contiguous with the Fowler Tenements (EL6603 and EL6604).
  • The Coorabie Tenement is on the domain bounding Coorabie Shear Zone.
  • The area is prospective for nickel, copper and gold.
  • A deep mantle tapping structure has been identified in a regional Magnetotellurics (MT) survey.
  • Coincident with the MT anomaly several eye shaped structures within the magnetics have been identified, potentially exhibiting similarities to the Nova nickel deposit, in the Fraser Ranges of Western Australia.

Tallacootra Project

South Australia (EL6615)

  • Located on the western margin of the Fowler Domain in the far west of South Australia.
  • Has potential for Ni/Cu and Au mineralisation.
  • Osmond has identified Magnetic targets associated with domain bounding Tallacootra Shear Zone.
  • Limited modern exploration in the region due to prevailing cover and until recently, limited airborne geophysics.
  • Located ~40km from Western Areas (ASX:WSA) Sahara and Splendour nickel discoveries.